BEJE perform in the Colston Hall Bristol March 21st

BEJE will perform in  Bristol’s Colston Hall foyer at 6.15pm on Friday March 21st until 7.15pm. This is the first of several exciting gigs in the city, including the Bebop Club on May 9th, Future Inn June 19th as part of the city’s Big Green Week and the Harbour Festival July 19/20 (tbc). The cd ‘Live At The Fringe’ be on sale andDavid and Pasquale expect one or two new compositions by band leader David Mowat as well

2 thoughts on “BEJE perform in the Colston Hall Bristol March 21st

  1. Wow! An excellent performance this evening. Really created a great atmosphere in a venue that struggles to have one(!) Made me want to look out for your future performances to make sure I catch you performing again soon. The final composition was a ‘sublime groove’.

  2. Thanks for that review Calvin. And for the cartoon you drew of me and Dutch pianist Daan Tremmink at the Saint Stephen’s concert earlier in May. (On my Fb page). I am reminded to add how the Colston hall aka Venue Mag top journalist (alas the mag as gone) Tony Benjamin described the band for the March 21st gig. ‘A fine representation of the melting pot that is the contemporary music world. Their music – composed by trumpeter David Mowat – is equally eclectic, ranging from light Latin breezes to intense improvisations and hard bop excursions’.

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