Marco Anderson

Marco Anderson at the BEJE album launch

I have some sad news and some good news. Marco Anderson our drummer is leaving the band (sad). Paolo Adamo is arriving (good).

I’ve known and played with Marco over a long period. He’s very reliable, professional, always delivers the goods musically and often gets the best comments at gigs from the audience!

However we both felt there was not quite a gelling in the band sound. These things happen as bands get establish and settle down.

I still intend to work with Marco. I heard him in another guise recently, the Jazz Gnats Electronique, ambient Joe Zawinal-esque music in the live acoustics of Saint Stephen’s Church. Perfect context for etherial trumpet playing I thought. So watch this space for news.

I’ll save my next blog to tell you about Paolo. So for now, Marco thank you very much for getting BEJE off to a very fine start and I look forward to collaborating with you in other ways.

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